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HELIX Engineering is a Global Leader in Manufacturing of Steel Machined Parts at very competitive prices resulting in Huge Cost Savings for our Customers. We freely Door Deliver All Orders to our Customers Through DHL/FEDEX With a Transit time of just 3-4 days to any part of the World

  1. Custom Steel Parts as per Customer’s Drawing/Samples
  2. Can Manufacture even Low order Quantities like 1 or 2 Pieces 
  3. 100% Accuracy and Conformance to Technical Specifications given by the Customer

HELIX Engineering Manufactures Machined Parts in all the below Material Types and can manufacture any other Grades upon Request 

EN8/ EN9/ EN42/ EN45/ 1015/ 1020/ 1030/ C45/ 1040/ 1010/ 1008/ 1541/ 1144/ 1141/ EN8 HIGH MANGENESE/ ST52/ N16/ C60/ C75/ C70, EN18/ EN19 /EN24/ EN25/ EN36/ EN26/ 4140/ 4145/ 709M40/ 4150/ 41CR4/ 34CRNIMO6/ 4340/ 8620/ 20MNCR5/ 17CRNIMO6- 7/18CRNIMO7- 6/16MNCR5/ EN39B/ EN40B/ 30CRMOV9/ 9310/ EN48A/ 30CRNIMO8/ 21CRMOV5-7/ EN30B/ EN41B/ 34CRALMO7 /41CRALMO7/ 4130/ 4135/ 4340 / 4330V/ 20CRMOV-TIB/ 4320/ EN1A/ EN47/ EN31/ 52100/ CAST IRON / SG IRON / STAINLESS STEEL / BRASS / COPPER 
  •  HELIX Engineering uses the Below list of Machineries to Produce Steel Machined Parts
    • LATHE Machines
    • DRO Milling Machines
    • CNC 4 Axis and 5 Axis Machining Centre
    • CNC Turning Centre

Why is Stainless Steel a Favorite Material for Manufacturing?

Compared to other materials, stainless steel has a variety of competitive benefits. It is more resistant to oxidation and heat than other metals and has a better strength at room and elevated temperatures than other materials. Additionally, it is more corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel's minimal maintenance requirements, appealing look, and unique qualities make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.
Chromium is primarily responsible for stainless steel's corrosion resistance. Iron is the base metal in most stainless steel and will oxidize (rust) when exposed to oxygen. The addition of chromium oxide to iron is what distinguishes it from other forms of steel. Due to forming a thin layer of oxidized chromium, corrosion resistance is strengthened, and rust is decreased. A higher chromium content results in enhanced corrosion resistance....
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