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Helix Engineering is the best rubber parts manufacturing industry in USA fabricating custom-engineered, high-precision rubber parts, components, and so on.
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Custom Rubber parts manufacturing

Helix Engineering is a Global Market Leader in rubber parts Manufacturing catering to the needs of clients’ specifications all over the world. We along with our dedicated team focus to deliver custom rubber products and thus we take pride in saying that we have a client retention rate of over 95%.

Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer – Your One-Stop Shop for Superior Rubber Products
Helix Engineering can Manufacture any Type of Rubber Part in the below material types.

  1. Natural Rubber

  2. NBR/ Nitrile Rubber

  3. EPDM
  4. Neoprene
  5. Silicon
  6. FKM/ FPM/ Viton
  7. Fluorosilicon
  8. HNBR
  9. Aflas
  10. Hypalon
  11. Polyurethane

We offer just what our name implies: custom rubber items. We have built our whole organization around our Mission: Responsiveness from Design to Delivery. Helix Engineering provides individual support and guidance at every step of the way, simplifying the process of designing and purchasing rubber moulding components.
We provide molded rubber parts of high quality, suited to varied applications. Molded rubber can be customized as per your requirements in drawings/samples. The customization can be achieved through the molding process during which, rubber can be manipulated into specific shapes and sizes.

Rubber Parts manufacturing

Our Journey as Custom Molded Rubber Parts Manufacturer

We wanted to stand out unique among the rubber manufacturing companies, and we constantly keep upgrading ourselves in the field of rubber parts manufacturing with evolving technologies.
Over 20 years of expertise designing and manufacturing custom molded seals and gaskets for companies and Industries worldwide. Our specialization is making bespoke rubber components precisely to your specifications. We, the Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer works with all major rubber compounds and produces bespoke compounds to meet specific requirements. If you’re looking for a Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer, you’ve come to the right spot.

Benefits – Custom Rubber Parts manufacturers

Rubber molding has several advantages, particularly when compared to alternative rubber forming procedures. To begin, rubber molding is adaptable. This is because Custom Rubber Parts manufacturers can work with a large variety of various rubber-based raw materials and create a wide variety of sophisticated bespoke components. Second, rubber moulding is cost-effective and speeds up manufacturing. Additionally, it is well-suited for high-volume runs.

Rubber Components and Products Made to Order:

Each project we undertake is unique. We provide bespoke rubber moulding services to a diverse range of clients in over 20 different business areas. Numerous rubber components need rubber to metal bonding, applying pressure-sensitive adhesives, specialized rubber mixing, and colour matching to existing components. We give design assistance to those who require it and strongly advocate prototyping for more difficult pieces before production.

Popular applications for custom moulded rubber components include the following:

• Rubber Seals & Gaskets

• Rubber Bushings to Reduce Wear

• Power Transmission

• Electrical & Temperature Shielding

• Vibration Dampening

• Rubber Couplers and Pipe Housings

• Surface Protection

• Insulation

• Mechanical Connections for Equipment

Manufacturing Process of Molded Rubber Products

Helix Engineering manufactures molded rubber products in quantities ranging from prototypes to large production runs. If you do not have a design or technical plan for your product, Helix Engineering may reverse engineer it for you using a sample. Helix Engineering takes pride in its ability to constantly offer precise molded rubber products that fit your exact specifications and perform flawlessly in your application, from simple to very complex rubber forms.

Manufacture the Custom Rubber Molding Components that Keep the World Turning

Helix Engineering is a Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer with Worldwide Reputation. We provide custom molded rubber forms in a variety of compounds and elastomers. As a maker of molded rubber components and forms, our in-house tooling capabilities enable us to maintain tight control over production timelines and provide versatile and cost-effective solutions for the most demanding projects.

Why do clients pick us as their rubber products supplier?

• Excellent price on rubber components.

• Free Door Delivery Worldwide through DHL

• Short-runs with incredible turnaround times.

• 3-shift/24-hour production to satisfy your delivery needs for large rubber parts up to 48″ x 56″ and 20lb shot size.

• Unmatched experience in resolving your component difficulties from design to pricing to delivery – give us a try!

• We can work with existing tooling from other molders, or we can acquire new equipment for you. You will always control the tools, and we will retain your business via superior performance and customer service.

• We keep a close eye on raw material costs to ensure that our prices remain as cheap as feasible.

• Green projects use reused rubber to save money and keep rubber out of landfills.




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