Viton Gaskets Manufacturers

HELIX Engineering is a world class manufacturer of Viton/FKM/FPM Gaskets in any size upto 2000 mm in Diameter and in Shore Hardness Range A 40-90

HELIX Engineering can manufacture any Custom Viton® Gasket as per Customer’s Drawings/Samples

HELIX Engineering Manufactures Viton® Gaskets in all colours including Black, Blue, Green, Brown Etc

HELIX Engineering also manufactures Viton® Square, Viton® Rectangular and Extruded Viton® Gaskets

Viton® is a fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber compound that is trademarked by DuPont and is widely used in the production of O-rings,Gaskets and other molded, extruded goods. FKM (FPM, Viton®, Fluorel®) is a generic term for a family of fluorocarbon-based fluor elastomer materials defined by ASTM International standard D1418.

Properties of Viton® Rubber Gaskets

High Resistance to Heat

Viton® gaskets are made of high-performance fluoroelastomers with exceptional heat resistance. These rubber gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from 15° F to 400° F and are suitable for applications where temperatures can occasionally reach 500° F.

Chemical Compatibility

Viton® gaskets are extremely compatible with Chemicals, Fuels, Concentrated acids , Hydrocarbon Fluids, Vegetable and Animal Oils

Glycol-based brake fluids, ammonia gas amines, alkalis, superheated steam, and low molecular organic acids (fomic and acetic acids) are incompatible with Viton® rubber

Mechanical Properties

Other advantages of using Viton® rubber gaskets include good compression set resistance at high temperatures , resistance to oxidation in the atmosphere, sun, climatic conditions, and even fungus and mold. In low voltage, low-frequency applications, Viton® also exhibits good electrical properties.


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