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We Are Trusted & Leading Silicone Rubber Gasket Manufacturers & Exporters!

HELIX Engineering is a world class manufacturer of Silicone Rubber Gasket in any size upto 2000 mm in Diameter and in Shore Hardness Range A 15-80

HELIX Engineering can manufacture any Custom Silicone Gasket as per Customer’s Drawings/Samples

HELIX Engineering Manufactures Silicone Gaskets in all colours including White, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Any other Colour as per Customer’s Requirement Etc

HELIX Engineering also manufactures Transparent Silicone Gaskets, Silicone Sponge Gaskets, Food Grade Silicone Gaskets , FDA Approved Silicone Gaskets, Silicone Square Gaskets, Silicone Rectangular Gaskets

Silicone is a type of elastomer made up of polymers derived from quartz that contains silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Silicone gaskets are available in solid, foam, and sponge varieties, making them an extremely versatile option.

Properties of Silicone Rubber Gasket

High Heat Resistance

Silicone has one of the widest temperature ranges of any material. The temperature resistance of silicone rubber gaskets is excellent in both hot and cold environments. Certain silicone compounds can be used in temperatures ranging from -67 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also resistant to UV and ozone, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Durable Material

The firmness of a silicone sponge is measured in pounds per square inch (psi) or density, with two to five pounds per square inch (psi) or 250kg/m3 considered soft and 14 to 20 pounds per square inch (psi) or 650kg/m3 considered firm. As a result, silicone foam with a closed-cell structure is ideal for environmental enclosures.

Resistance to Chemicals

Silicone, as an inert material, does not generally react to the majority of chemicals, making it popular for use in medical and industrial applications. Only a few common materials attack silicon and silicon compounds. Among them are concentrated sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and, after prolonged exposure, high-pressure steam.


We also Provide Silicone Rubber Gasket, Food Grade Silicone Gaskets , FDA Approved Silicone Gaskets, Silicone Square Gaskets, Silicone Rectangular Gaskets


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