Packer Elements Manufacturers

Helix Engineering remains top among the packer element manufacturers and manufacture the below Packer Elements
• NBR/Nitrile Packer Elements
• HNBR Packer Elements
• Viton Packer Elements
• Aflas Packer Elements
• Metal to Rubber Bonded Packer Elements
• Custom Packer Element as per Customer’s Drawings/Samples
Helix Engineering’s Packer Elements are available in Durometers 70, 80, and 90 Shore A and all our orders will be freely Door Delivered via FEDEX/DHL with a Transit time of just 3-4 Days to any part of the World. HELIX provides high quality packer elements to its customers.

Providing Custom Packer Elements Requirements

Packer components are rubber seals that work in certain down hole circumstances and offer an elastomeric seal for short- or long-term completion. Helix Engineering, offers an ever-expanding selection of packer components for use in a variety of tools and well settings. With the growing need for stronger, more temperature resistance and durability, Helix Engineering continues to develop its product range to offer novel design, stronger heat and chemical resistance compounds, and the classic elements used in the Energy industry.

Packer Elements Provide A Variety Of Functions:

• Supporting weight for the down-hole tube in part
• Enhancing the flow and output rate of the well
• Distinguishing various manufacturing zones
• Enhancing safety by confining well control to surface tubing
• In the annulus of the casing, fluid is retained for good service.
• Preventing the tubing string from moving down hole
• Preventing corrosion of the annular casing caused by fluids and high pressures.


• Inventoried and prepared for delivery
• There are no tooling costs or wear and tear.
• Through the extrusion process, voids in the process are eliminated.
• There are no flash or separating lines that might create leak channels.
• Elimination of sprue extensions and flow lines
Why Would You Want to Use Helix Engineering Elements and Seals?
In the majority of good conditions, Helix Engineering parts and seals surpass the competitors. When Helix Engineering products are properly applied, well operations become almost worry-free. We manufacture packer components, seals, “O” rings to fit leading manufacturers’ most popular packers, bridge plugs, and tube anchors. Among them are Arrow, Baker, Elder, Guiberson, and Halliburton. Please get in touch for further details. Helix Engineering can provide background testing programs and findings upon request.


Providing high quality Packer Elements to customers with high quality services.


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