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EPDM Rubber O Ring

Helix Engineering is a world class manufacturer of EPDM Rubber O Ring in American Standard AS568, British Standard, Metric sizes and in any Custom size upto 2000 mm in Diameter and in Shore Hardness Range A 40-90

Helix Engineering Manufactures EPDM O-Rings in all colours including Black, Blue, Green, Brown Etc

Helix Engineering also manufactures Food Grade EPDM O-Rings and EPDM V-Ring and EPDM X-Ring

An O-ring is a rubber ring that is used in machinery to seal against oil, air, and other contaminants. Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) is an ethylene and propylene copolymer. Furthermore, EPDM is a terpolymer of ethylene and propylene with a trace of a third monomer (usually a diene) to allow for sulfur vulcanization.

Properties of Rubber Used in EPDM Rubber O Ring

EPDM is widely used in the sealing industry due to the properties listed below:

  • Good Compression Set Resistance
  • Good Heat Resilience
  • Fair Shorter Term Resilience
  • Impermeability to gas and fluids
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Specifications of EPDM O Rings

Temperature Range

EPDM O-rings have a temperature range of -50°C to +120°/150°C (-60°F to +250°/300°F), depending on the curing system. This gives it a slight edge over Viton® O-rings in colder temperatures. Special EPDM grades can withstand even higher temperatures.

General Suitability

EPDM O-rings are most commonly used in solvent, acid, brake fluid, and other aggressive chemical applications. It’s also known for being resistant to high-temperature steam.

Preferred Environment of Usage

EPDM O-rings perform well when in contact with alcohols, automotive brake fluid, ketones, dilute acids and alkalis, silicone oils and greases, steam up to 204.4ºC (400ºF), water, phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluids, ozone, aging, and weathering.

EPDM compounds should not be used in contact with aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, Di-ester-based lubricants, halogenated solvents, petroleum-based oils, and greases.

Environmental Properties

EPDM O-rings are known for their excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, and weathering, as well as their high flexibility at low temperatures, chemical resistance (many dilute acids and alkalis, as well as polar solvents), and electrical insulation.

EPDM O-rings may also be available in a metal detectable variant while retaining the same properties as the standard EPDM o-ring compound.

Applications of EPDM Rubber Rings:

EPDM rubber is resistant to steam, hot water, direct sunlight/UV, silicone oils and greases, dilute acids, ketones, alkalis, and automotive brake fluids and therefore are most suitable for use in extremely cold temperatures (as low as -60°F/-51°C) and outdoor applications.

EPDM O-rings are widely used in the automotive industry, medical devices, household appliances, water and wastewater systems, and other demanding applications.


EPDM Rubber O ring may also be available in a metal detectable variant while retaining the same properties as the standard EPDM o ring compound.


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