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neoprene Rubber Gasket

HELIX is one of the world renowned rubber gasket manufacturer. Neoprene Gasket is a best gasket known for their excellent thickness, corrosion resistance coatings, hardness and reliable performance. Neoprene gasket making material provides proper protection between two surfaces of parts.  These gaskets are resistant against ageing, weathering, inorganic salts, acids, ozone, vegetable and animal oils.

Neoprene Gaskets Manufacturers

• HELIX is a renowned rubber gasket manufacture fulfilling client’s needs as per their  specifications
• HELIX manufactures neoprene rubber gaskets in all sizes from 1 mm to 1000 mm in diameters
• HELIX’s neoprene gaskets have excellent flame  resistance
• HELIX also manufactures food grade neoprene gaskets
• HELIX manufactures any type of custom neoprene gasket as per customer’s drawings/samples
• HELIX’s neoprene rubber gaskets are available in all colours
• HELIX’s neoprene rubber gaskets are available from Hardness Shore A 40-90
• HELIX also manufactures neoprene sponge gaskets


Best in world renowned rubber gasket manufacturing


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