Neoprene O-Rings Manufacturer

Helix Engineering is a world class manufacturer of Neoprene O-Rings in American Standard AS568, British Standard, Metric sizes and in any Custom size upto 2000 mm in Diameter and in Shore Hardness Range A 40-90

Helix Engineering also manufactures Neoprene V-Ring and Neoprene X-Ring

The O-Ring is one of the most fundamental and functional seals ever created. An O-Ring is a solid rubber seal in the shape of a doughnut or torus. When compressed between mating surfaces, an O-Ring prevents liquids or gasses from passing through.

In 1931, Dupont® produced one of the first successfully developed synthetic elastomers, Neoprene. It is created through the polymerization of chloroprene or 2-chlorobutadiene emulsions. Neoprene is a multi-purpose elastomer with a well-balanced set of properties.

Neoprene is also called as Chloroprene

Properties of Rubber Used in Neoprene O-Rings

Neoprene is the first synthetic rubber developed commercially and has a wide range of applications due to its characteristic features are listed below:

  • Good chemical stability
  • Sturdy material
  • impermeability to gas and fluid
  • Good heat resistance
  • Excellent bonding ability with other materials

Specifications of Neoprene Rubber

Temperature Range:

Neoprene O-rings can withstand temperatures ranging from -35°F (-21°C) to 225°F (177°C)

Tensile Range

Neoprene rubber exhibits exceptional toughness and has a high tensile range of 900 to 1,000 psi

General Suitability

Neoprene o-rings are commonly used in the refrigeration industry due to their exceptional resistance to refrigerants, ammonia, Freon® (R12, R13, R21, R22, R113, R114, R115, R134A), silicone oils, water, ozone, sunlight, vegetable oils, alcohols, and low-pressure oxygen.

Preferred Environment of Usage

Neoprene O-rings can be used in low DPI paraffin base mineral oil, silicone oil and grease, water and water solvents (up to 250°F), refrigerants, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.

Aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, and ethers are not compatible with Neoprene O-rings.

Environmental Properties

Neoprene has a low oxidation rate and is highly resistant to the sun and ozone. This enables it to last for extended periods outside. Neoprene is a chemically inert material that is valued for its resistance to petroleum-based mixtures such as solvents, oils, and greases.

Applications of Neoprene O-rings

Neoprene O-rings work well in applications where the O-ring comes into contact with oils and a variety of chemicals such as in automobiles, wirings, cable assemblies, HVAC, and refrigeration. The material also has exceptional toughness and fire resistance.

Neoprene O-rings by Helix Engineering

Helix Engineering is a leading supplier of Neoprene O-Rings for aero engines, air compressors, agro products, earth-moving machinery, chemical plants, diesel engines, dairy equipment, hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders. We place a high value on the quality of the O-Rings we supply, and all our products manufactured in compliance with global standards.


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