Hammer Unions Manufacturers

Helix Engineering Engaged in hammer unions Manufacturers in nitrile (also known as NBR, Buna, or Buna-N) for standard service, Viton (also known as fluoro elastomer or FKM) for increased temperature and chemical resistance, HNBR for Sour Gas Service, or Teflon for high-temperature service (PTFE).

Helix Engineering remains top among the hammer unions manufactures and manufactures the seals in the below sizes.

Hammer Union Seal


Dimensions of Hammer Union Seals are typically defined by Size, which is in reference to its Inside Diameter (ID). Additional dimensional references include Outside Diameter (OD) and Height.

Hammer unions, also known as WECO couplings, are used in the oil and gas industry to quickly connect pipelines and flexible hose assemblies. HELIX can manufacture oilfield hammer unions as per clients’ requirements. A hammer union is made up of a coupler with a male thread and an inner cone (female half), a ball-shaped fitting (male half), and a female thread nut that tightens the ball-shaped fitting to the coupler’s cone.

Close contact of the ball end with the cone (depending on the type) provides a primary sealing (metal/metal), or the sealing is accomplished through an additional rubber seal also known as hammer union seal (O-ring or lip seal).

Hammer union seals are used to prevent leakage in hammer union pipe connections and are commonly found in the Chemical Processing, Offshore Drilling, Petrochemical, and Water and Gas industries. Some of the common materials used to manufacture hammer union seals are Nitrile (NBR), Viton® FKM, HNBR, and PTFE. Anti-extrusion rings can be reinforced in Stainless Steel or Brass, in addition to the standard elastomer materials. SPM hammer unions provide pressure-tight, positive sealing and are available for standard service and sour gas models.


Helix Engineering Engaged in hammer unions Manufacturers in nitrile for standard service and Manufacturers seal in all size.


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