Bonded Seal Manufacturers

fluorosilicone rubber:

• HELIX bonds all types of metals including C1018-1040/Aluminum/C40/Stainless Steel to fluorosilicone.
• HELIX is involved in bonded seal manufacturers and can manufacturing any type of fluorosilicone rubber to metal bonded seals as per customer’s drawings/samples. We have in house machining facilities to machine steel parts and then bond them to rubber as per customer’s specifications.
• HELIX manufactures metal to fluorosilicone bonded seals in all sizes from 1 mm to 1000 mm in diameters
• HELIX’s metal to fluorosilicone bonded seals have excellent chemical resistance
• HELIX’s metal to fluorosilicone bonded seals are available in all colours
• HELIX manufacture Metal to fluorosilicone bonded seals and serves as seal supplier to clients around the world.


We are Best in Bonded Seal Manufacturers and all bonded seal Manufacturing and serves as seal supplier.


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