Rubber Seal Cord Manufacturers

Elastic rubber seal cord Manufacturers:

Aflas Cords Manufacturers
• HELIX manufactures aflas Rubber cords in circular, rectangular and all other customized shapes in all sizes from 1 mm to 100 mm in diameter
• HELIX’s aflas cords have excellent heat resistance upto 230°C
• HELIX’s aflas cords are available in all colours
• HELIX’s aflas cords are available from Hardness Shore A 40-90
• HELIX’s aflas cords are available in indefinite lengths from 1 metre up to 10000 metres
• HELIX is also a renowned elastic cord manufacturer and serves clients all over the world
• HELIX has carved a niche position among the elastic cord suppliers and power cord suppliers


Natural Rubber Seal Cord

helix manufacturers the best natural rubber seal cord and supplies to customers as per their drawings and samples.


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