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Natural Rubber O Rings

Natural Rubber O-Rings Manufacturer

Helix Engineering is a world class manufacturer of Natural Rubber O-Rings in American Standard AS568,British Standard, Metric sizes and in any Custom size upto 2000 mm in Diameter and in Shore Hardness Range A 40-90

A rubber O-ring is a mechanical gasket shaped like a torus or a donut that is used in static and dynamic applications where there is relative motion between parts and the possibility of friction. Rubber O-rings have several advantages, including their ease of manufacture, low cost, dependability, pressure resistance, and ease of mounting.

Natural Rubber O-Rings have excellent mechanical properties and the cheapest Type of O-Rings available

Properties of Natural Rubber O-Rings

Natural rubber is a preferred material for manufacturing O-rings due to the following characteristic properties:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Exceptional elongation properties
  • Tear-resistant
  • Highly durable

Chemical treatments and low-temperature heating are used to pre-vulcanize natural rubber. Prevulcanization facilitates the transportation of natural rubber.

Specifications of Natural Rubber

Temperature Range

The temperature range of Natural Rubber O-rings is -55°C to 72°C

Environmental Properties

Natural rubber O-rings are negatively affected by heat, sunlight, and oxygen. They are treated with protective chemicals to overcome their weaknesses. 

Applications of Natural Rubber O-rings

The benefits of natural rubber include less heat buildup from flexing and greater resistance to tearing when hot. Natural rubber is better suited for high-performance as required in the case of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses, as well as more sophisticated ones like racing cars and aircraft, due to its superior tear strength and excellent heat resistance.

Natural Rubber O-rings by Helix Engineering

Helix Engineering has established itself as a reliable name in the industry by providing a high-quality range of Natural Rubber O-Rings. These products are made from high-quality raw materials under the supervision of highly experienced professionals per industry standards. Helix Engineering’s natural rubber O-rings are widely sought after in the industry for their dimensional accuracy and flawless finishing, and they are reasonably priced.

All our orders would be freely Door Delivered via DHL/FEDEX with a Transit time of just 3-4 days to any part of the world

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