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Steel Machined parts

Steel Machined Parts Manufacturers

HELIX Engineering is a world class manufacturer of Steel machined parts as per customer’s drawings/samples in all the below steel varieties and any other steel variety upon request 

EN8/ EN9/ EN42/ EN45/ 1015/ 1020/ 1030/ C45/ 1040/ 1010/ 1008/ 1541/ 1144/ 1141/ EN8 HIGH MANGENESE/ ST52/ N16/ C60/ C75/ C70, EN18/ EN19 /EN24/ EN25/ EN36/ EN26/ 4140/ 4145/ 709M40/ 4150/ 41CR4/ 34CRNIMO6/ 4340/ 8620/ 20MNCR5/ 17CRNIMO6- 7/18CRNIMO7- 6/16MNCR5/ EN39B/ EN40B/ 30CRMOV9/ 9310/ EN48A/ 30CRNIMO8/ 21CRMOV5-7/ EN30B/ EN41B/ 34CRALMO7 /41CRALMO7/ 4130/ 4135/ 4340 / 4330V/ 20CRMOV-TIB/ 4320/ EN1A/ EN47/ EN31/ 52100/ CAST IRON / SG IRON / STAINLESS STEEL / BRASS / COPPER 

HELIX Engineering has an array of Manual and CNC Machines to produce Steel Machined Parts to a very accurate precision 

Rough Machining is done of Manual Machines including Lathes and Milling Machines and Final Turning is done of CNC Machines to bring out Very High Cost Effectiveness without Compromising on Accuracy

HELIX Engineering also provides All Types of Heat Treatment Processes and Anti-Rust Coating Services for the Steel Parts Supplied upon request

All our orders would be freely Door Delivered via DHL/FEDEX with a Transit time of just 3-4 days to any part of the world

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