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Custom Rubber Parts Manufacturer – High-Quality Products and Components

Are you looking for a Custom rubber parts manufacturer who is devoted to creating well-designed products? HELIX Engineering is the right solution for you. We are a full-service firm specializing in bespoke rubber moulding, compression moulding, injection moulding, transfer moulding, and rubber to metal bonding.

We will satisfy your exact demands whether you want a bespoke item or manufacturing run for a new product or application. HELIX Engineering is committed to implementing a robust quality assurance procedure. This tool enables engineers to assess the quality of a product and its materials at each stage of its manufacturing process. Maintaining the highest standards to consistently provide high-quality items on time and at an affordable price.

"Our customers define quality – We Make It Happen!"

As a producer of high-quality bespoke rubber goods, HELIX Engineering is committed to supplying you with an industrial elastomeric product (rubber component) that meets all of the specifications you specify. To do this, our Sales Engineers will collaborate with you to ascertain your definition of a quality product and then provide that product.


We Welcome You To Helix Engineering


We can modify the dimensions, shapes, profiles, and polymer qualities of our whole line of Rubber goods to meet the specifications of our valued clients.

Quality Assurance

At HELIX Engineering, we make a concerted effort to develop the highest-quality rubber goods and keep rigorous control throughout the manufacturing process to provide total client satisfaction.

Effectiveness of Delivery

We recognize the significance and importance of on-time manufacturing for our clients and work diligently to provide swift and timely deliveries.

Why Choose Us?


Custom rubber parts manufacturers are problem solvers. If there is no product on the market that completely suits your equipment or operating requirements, businesses such as RPM can assist. All required are the part’s design and measurements, a bespoke mould, and skilled moulding techniques.

Fastest Turnaround Time on Orders

Facilitated by an in-house team of highly skilled tool designers, machine operators, hands-on sales coordinators, and quality control professionals.

Internal Research and Development and Compounding

A highly motivated staff carries out daily research and testing operations to create solutions for a brighter tomorrow that meet all budget and quality requirements.

Globally Competitive pricing

Bulk exports and volume manufacturing enable us to pass on significant cost savings to our clients while adhering to global production and quality standards.

JIT (Just-In-Time) Delivery

With a global network of reputable logistics partners, we can assure Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery of items to your doorstep and an unsurpassed customer experience across the supply chain.

Manufacturer of Rubber Products

We provide a broad range of anti-vibration rubber goods for essential applications that assure superior quality, long life, minimal service intervals, and increased stability under adverse situations. Additionally, we sell aftermarket goods for the replacement of car, truck, and trailer parts. Since our inception as a rubber components manufacturer, we have always emphasized invention and creativity. We are a firm believer that innovation propels every business forward. As such, we innovate in various ways, including new and improved goods, techniques, development and manufacturing processes, and so on. We invest substantially in research and development and stay current on market launches, requirements, trends, and desires. That is why we are one of the top producers of rubber goods.

Our ambition for the future is to link the company’s core “Quality First” DNA with cutting-edge design and technological solutions while also delivering these solutions at the correct pricing points. We intend to dominate the industries through disruptive engineering while slowly expanding our footprint and product portfolio in foreign markets. 

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