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HELIX Engineering is a trusted brand when it comes to making precise Aluminium Machined Parts. We are a licensed firm that specializes in various types of aluminium components and parts. We have an outstanding infrastructure that enables us to make precise aluminium machined components of the highest quality. Before they are supplied to clients, all of our aluminium machined components pass extensive quality inspections. Our accurate aluminium machined components are utilized in a broad variety of sectors

Aluminium’s Advantages in Machining Operations

Apart from its superior machinability, aluminium possesses a number of properties that make it ideal for use in machining processes, including the following:

Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which is crucial for machined parts used in high-performance applications such as those found in the aerospace and automotive industries.

  • Corrosion resistance: Aluminum is available in a variety of grades, each of which demonstrates a different level of corrosion resistance. One of the most frequently used grades—6061—provides high corrosion resistance during machining processes.
  • Electrical conductivity: Aluminum has higher electrical conductivity (about 37.7 million siemens per meter at ambient temperature) than other widely machined metals such as carbon steel (7 million siemens per meter) and stainless steel (1.5 million siemens per meter). This characteristic enables machined aluminum components to be used as electrical and electronic components.
  • Surface finishing and anodization potential: Aluminum readily accepts a variety of surface treatment and finishing procedures, including painting, tinting, and anodizing. This characteristic enables manufacturers to enhance the practical and aesthetic aspects of the machined aluminum component or finished product.
  • Recyclable: Aluminum is highly recyclable, allowing manufacturers to repurpose scrap material generated during machining processes and construction materials from finished items that have reached the end of their useful life.
  • Affordable: Aluminum is more affordable than other machining materials (e.g., brass, titanium, and PEEK) without compromising performance appreciably. Additionally, its machinability reduces production costs, while its smaller weight reduces transportation expenses.

As mentioned previously, the machining process is capable of processing a wide variety of materials, from metal and plastic to paper and wood. Along with aluminium, various metals (e.g., steel and stainless steel) and thermoplastics (e.g., ABS, PEEK, POM, and PTFE) are frequently used in machining processes.

Why Choose Us?

HELIX Engineering is an ISO-certified aluminium machined parts manufacturers that specialize in various types of aluminium components and parts.

  • We provide a range of diverse product qualities in response to market demand. We provide a broad variety of services to our clients, including product design, production, and suppliers, as well as testing and direct distribution.
  • We provide a variety of parts and components at competitive prices and with a variety of benefits. 
  • HELIX Engineering is the world’s largest custom aluminium parts manufacturers as well as a supplier and exporter.
  • Our professionals make a variety of aluminium components using cutting-edge technology. 
  • We deliver a higher-quality product within your budget. We are included in Trade’s list of certified vendors that provide the highest quality of stuff. Bulk purchases of the highest quality Aluminium goods and services are available from us. 
  • We have an outstanding state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables us to make high-grade precision aluminium components with or without anodizing as specified by the customer. 
  • Milling, turning, drilling, reaming, tapping, slotting, and custom profiles are just a few of the operations and dimensions available.

HELIX Engineering - Custom Aluminium Parts Manufacturers & Solutions

The building material is a critical factor to consider during the design stage of a machining project. Aluminium is an ideal material for goods that require a high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, electrodeposition, and recyclability. If you want assistance with your next aluminium machining job, HELIX Engineering’s professionals are ready to assist you.

At HELIX Engineering, we specialize in precise CNC machining of metals, plastics, and engineering-grade materials components and products. Contact us or submit a price request to learn more about custom aluminium parts manufacturers.

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