Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows rubber parts manufacturing manufacturing rubber parts

What are the factors affecting the design of a Rubber Bellows?

A number of factors need to considered while designing a rubber bellows. These include the dimensions and flowing medium of the pipeline along with the temperature and pressure rating required for the expansion bellow. Other factors are the movement capability required as well as material and drilling standard of the end flanges.

What types of Rubber Expansion Bellows does Helix offer?

Helix offers a range of Rubber Expansion bellows depending on the application and client requirement. These include Single and Double Arch Rubber Expansion Bellows, Floating Flange Rubber Expansion Bellows, Twin Sphere Connectors as well as Duct Type Expansion Joints.

What are the design standards for Helix Rubber Expansion Bellows and how are they tested?

Helix pays utmost attention the quality standards of their products. Easy flex Rubber Expansion Bellows are internationally approved design as per FSA and EJMA USA. Every expansion bellow is tested and given a quality approval before it is dispatched. Easy Helix has In-House Testing Facilities to evaluate the quality of its expansion bellows. These facilities include Hydro Testing, Pneumatic Testing as well as Insulation Resistance Testing.

What are some big projects where Helix has supplied Rubber Expansion Bellows?

Helix has supplied Rubber Expansion Bellows to various significant national and international projects. Some of these include Delhi International Airport, Mumbai International Airport, New Delhi Metro, Australian High Commission and Bangalore International Airport. Some of the prestigious international projects Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Aramco and Bank Of Muscat.